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DIPS Hyper cutting

DIPS (Dry Ice Powder Inactivating System)

DIPS (Dry Ice Powder Inactivating System) could be a big game changer in your Difficult-to-cut machining and hard milling: Titanium – Inconel tough machining for job shops or aerospace, also hard milling on Cemented carbide for die and mold. Different from Cryogenic Coolants, DIPS creates some inactivated air around the cutting point, then helps draw out dramatically longer cutter life. Patent pending.


YMC430 Special optical Nano Ra surface edition

Optional 80,000rpm Air Spindle for those customers who specialize in optical molds: Ra greater than 15nm by micro milling. Ask us for further details.

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Non-contact type Automatic Tool Length & Width

Non-contact type Automatic Tool Length & Width and Ball End Mill’s nose profile measuring by Dyna Line: Let us monitor the profile accuracy of your ball end mills for sub-micron milling accuracy.

Thermo-Viz Measuring

Have you measured and monitored your machine’s temperature changes? For those who wish to capture the mechanical changes of your milling machines and improve its accuracy, please contact us for our thermal monitoring service.

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