Die Mold Applications

Hard Milling for Die Mold

Yasda’s hard milling of Die and Mold started in 1994 when, based on our customers' requirements, Yasda utilized our extra rigid and highly accurate horizontal machining centers to develop a vertical model YBM640V.

This allowed us to integrate several processes of manufacturing precision die and mold such as hardening after rough removal, making electrodes, EDM process, and manual polishing. Today hard milling is continuously improving worldwide, and many die and mold customers profit by adopting hard milling. Yasda vertical machining centers, called CNC Jig Borers, play a key role in the high-end milling market.

Our in-depth knowledge of hard milling technology includes:

  1. Hard milling on the hardened steel 60HRC or even harder, reducing manual polishing dramatically.
  2. Finish milling on cemented carbide work pieces is more in demand in the last few years.
  3. Outstanding repeatability of finish milling that enables precise finish removal of the work piece.
  4. Hard milling 5-Axis harder than 60HRC without losing cutting conditions compared to 3-Axis.
  5. Automation of hard finish milling 3 and 5-Axis, adding robot work changer or our pallet changer.
  6. Examples: Pitch accuracy < ±3μm with 3-Axis, Ra surface < 0.2-0.3μm with 3 and 5-Axis.
  7. Outstandingly smooth fitting clearance within a few μm of fitting molds and reducing manual polishing for the mating surfaces of molds.
  8. Standard BBT40 spindle 24,000 rpm and optional Air turbine spindle 80,000 rpm up to 120,000 rpm available.
  9. Outstanding constant control of Z-axis and tool nose due to our precise spindle and machine structure.
  10. Suitable work pieces: Cold forging dies e.g. for gears, Plastic or Silicon molds, Punch dies, Core and Cavity molds, Precise and hard mold plates, Hot forging dies, finishing Precise jig and fixtures, etc.

Application Images:

Colorful hard milling chips flying
Color of chips showing the perfect cutting performance in hard milling.
5-Axis hard milling
Excellent 5-Axis hard milling performance comparable to 3-Axis hard milling.
Pitch accuracy example
Pitch accuracy < ±3μm, comparable to jig grinding accuracy.
hard milling with 3D smooth control example
Engraved Y:9, A:7, S:5, D:3, A:1μm depth hard milling with 3D smooth control.
Two mating pieces finished by flat, taper and ball end mills example
Two mating pieces finished by flat, taper and ball end mills, mating clearance within a few μm.

Application Videos:

Yasda YBM Vi40 Hard 5-Axis Milling on Cemented Carbide (1:12)
Highly efficient rough removal process in hard milling. (5:27)
Yasda YBM-640V CNC Jig Borer - High Precision Fitting Crossover SKH51 63HRC (1:57)
Hard milling on 63HRC cold forging die. (1:50)
Finished the 2 fitting pieces of different hardness within a few μm clearance. (0:36)