Job Shop Applications

Accurate 5-Axis Machines

Job shops are the grass-roots of machining industries in the U.S. and having highly accurate and reliable 5-Axis machining centers is becoming more important every day. Process integration is in high demand and, as the accuracy requirements of various components increase, we are facing a shortage of labor.

Yasda Precision Machine Tools PX30i and H40i are the best solutions to meet these requirements. Hand scraped mounting faces on the base components, plus in-house built rotary tables and spindles are providing outstanding cutting performance compared to other machines. 33 PLS for PX30i and 24 PLS for H40i are simply the most ideal machining automation packages suitable for every customer.

10 reasons to have PX30i and H40i Machining Centers in your job shops:

  1. The outstanding accuracy of our tilting rotary table helps integrate your machining processes. In addition, DD motors embedded in the tilting rotary table help shorten your machining time while improving machining accuracy without causing backlash in the table’s reverse movement.
  2. Yasda’s in-house designed spindle with the original integrated Preload Self-Adjusting system promise second-to-none high performance in machining various components. A double face contact type tool holder is recommended for sustaining better accuracy and rigidity.
  3. Outstandingly high machine rigidity due to thick machine bed, together with perfectly symmetrical portal structure made of quality cast iron.
  4. Every key mating face of the main components are precisely hand scraped by skilled masters.
  5. Automatic pallet changer (PLS) and automatic tool changer (ATC) are combined with the base machine in one compact space.
  6. Outstandingly high repeatability in automatic pallet change: 1 – 2 μm
  7. Highly rigid roller ways are assembled on the hand-scraped faces on each base component.
  8. The most current user friendly FANUC control with optional work management and tool management software available.
  9. Over 50 PX30i and H40i machines are installed in the U.S.
  10. Versatile work pieces: Materials of Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Hardened steels, etc. Aerospace, medical, semiconductor, computer industry, automotive, etc.




Application Images:

Statue of Liberty replica finished by H40i
Statue of Liberty finished by H40i.
Blisk of Titanium finished by H40i
Blisk of Titanium finished by H40i.
Hard milling of complex form finished by H40i example
Hard milling of complexed form finished by H40i.
5-Axis simultaneous milling example work piece
Art of 5-Axis simultaneous milling.
Inconel impeller finished example
Inconel impeller finished out of Yasda 5-Axis.

Application Videos:

Engine block precision turn boring by H40i. (1:25)
Hard milling capability by PX30i. (2:39)
Smooth 5-Axis finishing on Titanium by PX30i. (5:03)
Introduction of PX30i machine. (2:56)